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Change of weather.

All over the Christmas period the snow lay on the ground but worse still - temperatures fell way below what most people, if not all, could ever remember. Records were broken all over the country as the thermometer registered real sub-zero temps like -18 degrees. This left roadways very treacherous and dangerous, but it also meant that everyone had to slow down or stay at home. The major problem was the water pipes, water tanks and radiators in the homes. It was a very difficult time for the farmers as they tried to feed their cattle and a very busy time for the plumber as they tried to get water running where it should be running and stopped where it should not have been running. Some homes had a cold wet Christmas Day as water dripped and lights fused. The Christmas Day swim went ahead without the swim and indeed togging out in such cold conditions was punishment enough. Many other events had to be cancelled or postponed. The forecasters told us the thaw would set in on Boxing day and so it did with the rain. The ice covered roads became almost impassible and the forecasters then warned us of flooding to follow the thaw. It was then that many discovered the burst pipes when the thaw set in. Along the length of the Mountain Stream there were sights to be seen, which were never seen before - icebergs crashing down stream in the flooded waters, tearing everything before them and some being dislodged onto the banks. Huge blocks of ice, some ten inches thick, were carried at speed and tumbled and crashed over the weir out at Drumully. Some looked like huge dancing decks as they sped past in the icy waters. The temperatures have risen a little and normal life is beginning to return but the forecasters are saying that there is more of the cold to come. We certainly need to do something about this ‘Global Warming’ - maybe we should pay ‘more green tax’ on our fuel!!

For a change of diet this gentleman decided to fish, icelandic style, in Emy Lake. Cutting a hole in the ice and setting up on a stool he waited for a hungry fish to bite. Word is he got no fish but he did get a bite - frostbite!!!.

Thanks to Keith who happened to be passing and grabbed this great shot.

river 001.wmv river 002.wmv

Click on the ICONS below to see some video of the Ice - quality not great but working on it.