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silver hill

Happy Birthday to Geraldine.

Geraldine McAree, nee Treanor, is a very committed community worker and has given outstanding service to the Donagh and Truagh communities. Her contribution to the development of youth through athletics and sporting activities has been immense and her leadership with the adult ladies through the Jolly Joggers has been exceptional. To show their appreciation to Geraldine and to celebrate her big birthday, and as an excuse for a party, members of the Joggers and Glaslough Harriers organised a party in St. Mellans Complex, Truagh, on Friday April 29th. They had a great night with sumptuous food and plenty of laughter and fun. Helen Kennedy recited a poem she had written specially for the occasion and presented Geraldine with a framed copy. Two members of the Harriers paid a surprise visit to the party and entertained incognito, while Ann got a couple of them to tell of their journey to Germany to buy Noddy Dolls. All sound intriguing but it was a very enjoyable event from what I hear. I add my congratulations and best wishes to Geraldine too.

These ladies were still partying late in the night.