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Big Birthday Party.

A 21st Birthday used be the ‘Big’ one and the next big birthday celebration was the ‘100th’.  However the 18th has been added and now every decade is a cause for celebration. Indeed any birthday can be taken as a cause for a ‘Party’. However in St. Mellans it was decided to have a special celebration when the Chairman of the Club reached the ‘BIG 50’. It had to be a surprise as in his own words -’who wants to celebrate getting that old?’ So another victim was selected and, as is his wont, Raymond got involved in making sure that this was going to be a great party for Damien. It was fixed for Saturday August 21st.
Raymond was assigned to get Damien to the Centre on the night. He did a terrific job and all the way kept those in the Centre totally up to date with his movements and where he was at any particular time. However he got one massive surprise when he arrived into the Bar to discover that it was his own party. I don’t think I have ever heard of anyone caught out so well and again in typical fashion Raymond enjoyed the whole thing. There to greet him were many of his friends including a big contingent from Rockcorry. The fact that Truagh was playing a Championship game next day did prevent some from attending but those who were there had a great night. Two friends from Carlow made the jourmey to be present. A couple of local actors and actresses got together to perform a sketch depicting milestones in Raymond’s life. It was hilarious, and not perhaps from the quality of the acting, but having to turn the page added to the fun.
This was preceded by a very tasty meal and followed by music and dancing to John’s Discs. Well done to all involved in the organising and to Raymond for reaching the old age of 50. Many happy returns.


The remainder of the photos have been censored!!