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The Blackwater Valley Talent Competition 2010 - FINALS

After a Summer of Heats in various locations around the parish the Blackwater Talent Competition finals were held in Clara Hall on Sunday, October 10th 2010. A Hall packed to capacity with parents, siblings, grannies and granddas, neighbours and friends were all there to cheer on some one of the twelve contestants though there were some who attended for the sheer entertainment value of this event and this was entertainment at its best. Act after act gave fantastic performances and the three final judges - Scott Griffin, Patricia McDermott and Gary McDowell - were faced with a very difficult task of deciding the first second and third place in each of the two sections - U12s and Adults. MC Martin McCarron brought us through the night with a comfortable manner which put the finalists as ease and maintained an air of encouragement among the audience. There was tea and plenty to eat then and everyone enjoyed a very tasty supper. Prior to the announcement of the winners the fabulous group, MGRB, from Glaslough entertained and introduced some of the elders among the crowd to Rock music at its best. Then organiser, Nuala McKenna, thanked everyone who had been involved in the running of the event and that was a big army of helpers, as I saw for myself. She also congratulated all the participants and labelled them all - winners. Martin then announced the winners and the First placed in each section performed again for the audience.

Scoil Rince Ní Bhrogain - 3rd U12.

Marcus O’Miochain - 2nd U12

Ben Troy - 1st U12

Charlotte McKenna - 1st Adult

Louise and James Sherry - 2nd Adult

Laura Feely - 3rd Adult.

The Final Judges

Martin McCarron - MC

If you CLICK on each of the pictures below you should hear the performance.


Clann Ó Mhurchú

ni bhrogain.wav

Scoil Ní Bhrogain

megan mckenna.wav

Megan McKenna

ben troy.wav
gemma curley.wav
marcus o miochain.wav

              Ben Troy                       Gemma Curley                   Marcus Ó Miochain             Stephen McElvogue.

seanna nugent.wav
charlotte 1.wav

      Seanna Nugent              Louise and James Sherry                  Laura Feely                 Charlotte McKenna


Blackwater Talent

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