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V Tyrone in Ulster Championship.

In 2010 Monaghan and Tyrone faced each other for the Ulster Championship title and the Anglo Celt Cup went to Tyrone. In 2011 the same two met in the first round of the championship in Healy Park, Omagh, and once again the spoils went to Tyrone, but this time the affair was much closer and with a bit of luck the two point deficit could have been erased. The sending off of captain, Dick Clerkin, was a blow to the supporters but for the other players it seemed to light a fire in their blood to go that extra mile which most of them did. However the goal for Tyrone was another severe blow but still undaunted they fought on. The experience of the mainstays in the Tyrone side was keeping control for them and they were able to handle anything the Monaghan lads fired at them. Yes tempers frayed a little at times but in the heat of an intense battle that will happen. A good referee will know that and be able to keep things at an acceptable level of intensity. There was quite a backlash against this particular referee and some of his decisions but players need to know when they are heading for trouble and avoid the ultimate red, especially when they feel that erratic decisions are being made.
As manager, Eamon McEneaney, said later - there were many positives to be taken from this game for Monaghan and this tough game could set them up for a good run in the back door. It certainly brought out fantastic qualities in a number of our players and of these Darren Hughes stood out. So the year is far from over yet.