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Daffodil Day 2010.

Its that time of year again when volunteers stand at various collection points around the country raising money for the Irish Cancer Society. Emyvale and North Monaghan contributes greatly to the cause every year and on March 26th this year the ‘soldiers’ were out in force once again. Amelia McCormack was main coordinator locally and it is a demanding task and can be difficult to get all times and points covered but there is a core of excellent volunteers who have no difficulty in giving an hour and it is thanks to them that it all happens. Marie Murphy deserves great appreciation for the many years she has been coordinator and the massive amounts she has been instrumental in raising for the ICS and we thank her for her commitment and work. Hopefully the local organisers will be able to give us a total within the next few days, which we will pass on to you. It would also be interesting for us to get some idea of the amount raised nationally by the ICS and what it is used for.

Fabian doing an excellent job as usual (he missed his vocation - he should have been a Garda) while Amelia ‘entertains’ the by-passers. Trouble was the traffic stopped demanding ‘an enchore’. They can get that in Threemilehouse on Saturday night at the Ulster Scor finals.






Below we captured the hard-workers at two of the collection stations - on left is at Centra and on right at McMahons Supermarket. We would also like to wish Dermot McMahon a very speedy recovery and hope he is back behind the counter real soon.

Afterwards:  The Daffodil Day was a great success and raised €7,826 for the Irish Cancer Society. Over 40 volunteers participated and it is down to their offering of time and energy that so much was raised. Thanks also to the business people who donated, supplied refreshments to the collectors and allowed the collection outside their shops. A big ‘Thank You’ to everyone who contributed to the cause either financially or in any other way. Thanks to Amelia Murphy McCormack for acting as Chief Co-Ordinator for the event, taking over from her Mum, Marie, who carried the responsibility for many many years. This comes from Nancy McCluskey, Daffodil Day PRO. Hopefully Nancy will be able to get us a total figure for the amount raised by the Irish Cancer Society each year through all of their fund-raising projects and also give us some idea how that money is spent.