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Walk around Emy Lake.

The 3rd Annual Walk around Emy Lake took place on Sunday June 13th starting at 2pm. There was a good turn-out though the wet weather did put some people off. However the brave souls, who were there,  braved the elements and completed the circuit. It was a little tricky in places as the rain made it slippery and with the uneven ground care had to be taken. It was a glorious site to see the various coloured rain jackets move around the perimeter of the Lake but it also emphasised the need to get the proper path constructed at an early date. Hopes are rising that funding will become available soon and that work can begin to finish a project which will provide the people of North Monaghan and many visitors with a wonderful facility to walk in fresh air and enjoy nature at its best.


The Walk was led out by Pauline Boyle, current Chieftain of Tully; Noelle Clerkin, current Monaghan Rose of Tralee and last year’s, Monaghan Rose, Nicola Hackett. Also present was Eoin Treanor who we believe will be an official Escort in Tralee this year. On return to base all participants were served refreshments and presented with a Certificate.

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Click on Pat’s photo here and listen to what he has to say about the Walk around Emy Lake.

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