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Calling London.

An Emyvale man went to London for the weekend and came back to me telling me of the wonderful hospitality he received in an establishment in that great city. That was not the first time I heard a similar story and he also told me that the proprietor of this establishment is an Emyvale man too and that he keeps in daily contact with ‘home’ through the pages of Well this might be a little surprise for him.
The man in question is Packie Hughes, also known as ‘Speed’. He was a mighty footballer, and no one could contradict me when I claim that he was one of the greatest ever to wear an Emyvale jersey. He represented the Club for many years and was a massive thorn in the sides of backs and mid-fielders on any opposition team. He also played with distinction for the county but like many others of his time he had to take the emigration trail. He never forgot his roots and visits Main Street regularly. He is a regular attender at Monaghan games and Emyvale Championship games. He has also been very involved in the GAA in London and promoted the game there as official and administrator. He loves coming home to discuss the sport with his former colleagues like Paddy Murphy.
Packie has a Monaghan enclave not 5 minutes walk from Kingscross Tube Station and he makes you feel like you are at home from home with the broad Monaghan smile and warm welcome. He pas his pub there on Cromer Street, at Kingscross and it is called ‘The Boot’ . If you are in that area you should drop in and enjoy the sports chat, the memorabilia and the pictures of yesteryear. There are even football boots hanging on the wall, which were made in Mullan Mills.
This brings back many memories for me as I remember those great games with Packie and the many evenings kicking about in the sportsfield. I recall his upright and military-like step as he headed up the street for home or down the street, ‘dressed to kill’, heading off somewhere else. Packie, it was lovely to hear that you are well and long may the good health continue.