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World Champion Dancers
Let me introduce you to Emma McClenaghan Daly from Truagh, who has been dancing since she was 5 years of age and has now become a World Champion. She started off learning Irish Dancing and then took up Line Dancing and Modern Dancing and began entering competitions in these at the age of 9. At 12 years of age she had won her first major titles – European Solo and Couples titles.
Emma continued to practice, to train and to compete and in 2009 gained her first World Masters Championship title.
Since 2009 Emma has won 5 European titles and 3 World Masters titles, dancing her way through the ranks from ‘Newcomer level’ and is now training to achieve World Title No 4 at Intermediate level in both Solo and Couples. These take place on 4th, 5th and 6th of August in Manchester.
Emma is currently trained by Kelly and Fred Whitehouse, who are Dance Instructors with Dance Dynamics in Coalisland. She travels at least twice per week for lessons and she accompanies Fred in the Couples competitions. She competes in a wide variety of styles including waltz, cha-cha, funky/hiphop, east coast swing, west coast swing and Night Club to name a few. Competitions are held all through the year and are held North and South and in the UK.
Emma’s training regime is a tough one and to achieve success she has to dedicate herself to her programme of preparation and indeed it is a costly sport as there are costumes, lessons, travel and accommodation to be paid for. Her costumes are specially made by order and personally designed by Emma and tailored by Karen Welch in the UK. However Emma has set goals for herself and is determined to succeed. We wish her success and hope that further World Titles will come her way at the Championships in Manchester.

We are delighted to report that Emma was very successful in Manchester coming home with three World titles - World Dance Masters 2011 Intermediate Teen; World Dance Masters Intermediate Pro Em 2011 with Fred Whitehouse; and World Dance Masters 2011 Open Renegade. Congratulations to Emma and well done.
However Julie Daly, her Mum, was also in the World Dance Masters title winners coming home with the World Dance Masters Novice Crystal. Well done to Julie too and we wish both of them continued success.
World Trophies
European Trophies
Photos © Declan McMahon

On left above is Emma with her latest World Trophies while on right is Julie with her World Trophy.