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Hospital Crisis
We all thought that a change of Government might bring a change of policy and an improvement of our Health Services but unfortunately things are getting much worse and faster. What is happening in Roscommon is totally unacceptable and is leading to complete chaos.
There was, as happened in Monaghan, a plan to remove services from Roscommon with a half-baked idea of what might be done to make up for that. However none of their plan was workable except the bit about removing the service and even though they still have no plan they seem intent on going ahead with the removal. That is what happened in Monaghan and that is what we are living with since - a half-baked plan which was never implemented and which has left our service more unsafe than ever before.
In Roscommon the Minister expected the GPs to take over the minor injuries unit from 8pm to 8am. They would still have to hold their surgeries the following day! They are not trained for this job. They would soon become unskilled according to the HSE argument. There are not enough of them. A GP Minor Injuries Unit would not treat heart attacks, strokes and traffic accidents - the real emergencies which we need close at hand. They have now promised all sorts of enhancements, extra ambulances and special training for nurses and doctors. Where is the money going to come from as the Minister himself claimed on a number of programmes - 'We have NO MONEY'. They are making the same false promises they used prior to the election, the same false promises they made to the people of Monaghan prior to the election, the same false promises that were made to the people of Monaghan prior to the removal of services from Monaghan. 29 people on trolleys in Cavan waiting for a bed proves that they did not fulfil their promises and never can. The people of Monaghan should be on the streets again.
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