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silver hill

Farm Training

On Monday, April 25th there was a farm training day held on the farm of David Boyd, near Glaslough. The main issue was training young people, and not so young, how to present a cow at a show. Not being a farmer myself and knowing nothing about shows, I thought you just tied a rope on her/him and pulled him/her round the ring for all to see or if you were unlucky you ran ahead of him/her so that he/she would not trample you. Why would I have to keep eye contact with a judge? Why do I need to make sure he/she has one foot in front of the other? Giving it a bit of a hose-down was sensible enough but paying a Cattle Fitter to get him or her ready for the show - well I ask you?. Anyhow there were young people all eager to learn how to do it properly and Clayton Coulter was there to give the lessons and he knew what he was talking about too. There were good appetites when it came to lunch time and they were satisfied too. All in all it was a great day and for more details you must read Gerard Sherlock’s sensible report in this weeks edition of the North East Gazette.