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A Board of Directors from the earlier years:
Front L to R: Bridget McGlade, Mick McKenna, Pat Gilsenan (long serving Chairman), Maura Gilsenan, Sean Kilroy.
Back L to R: Tom Murray (long serving treasurer), Paul Treanor, Michael McKenna, Cyril Treanor, Denis Kelly.

The current Board of Directors

Credit Union celebrates 50 years.
This year, 2011, Emyvale District Credit Union Ltd celebrates 50 years of service to the community of North Monaghan. From very humble beginnings in 1961 to its present status it has provided the people of the area with the opportunity to take control of their own finances. It has helped people to save, it has made loans available to people in times of need and it has served its members in many other ways. Fr. P.E. Larkin CC was the person who persuaded a number of innovative members of the community to set up a Credit Union in 1961 and to those people the region owes a debt of gratitude. The founding members included: Raymond McGreevy; Tom Murray; Susan Gorman, nee McKenna; Benny McKenna, Paddy Willie McKenna, Tommy McCombe; Malachy Corrigan; Barney Kerr; Mick McAree; Seamus McCluskey; Pat Herr and P.J. McEntee.
The original office was in the room beside the Parocial Hall. All officers were voluntary and it was open on Friday nights. Almost immediately the project took off and membership grew rapidly and within a few years larger space was required. The Credit Union of today is a far cry from what it was 50 years ago but the ideals and purpose have not changed. When members used call to the original ‘Office’, beside what is now the Oratory, on Friday evenings and Susan McKenna used look after the transaction the founding men and women behind the scenes, unknowingly, were building up an institution which has played such an important role in the life of our community since then. We owe them a great debt of gratitude for their foresight, entrepreneurial spirit and voluntary endeavour in setting up this organisation, which has been a haven for so many in times of financial trouble and a source of encouragement for people to save and to spend prudently. Yes - we need to celebrate the 50 years of community service.
There was a prefabricated wooden and galvanised building on Main Street, which was originally Peter McMahon’s shop and then John Joe McGlone’s auctioneers office. This was purchased in 1966 and it became the new home for the Credit Union.
In 1969 Helena Treanor, who had been helping with office work in the Credit Union from 1965, was appointed as full-time Office Staff. The condition of the Office had deteriorated over time and so it was decided to build a more solid structure. The old was demolished and a new brick/block one-storey building was erected on the site and was officially opened in 1971/72. While work was in progress the Credit Union relocated to what is now Whelan’s beside the Scarna Inn.
The enlargement of the Common Bond (the area from which people could become members), the high unemployment and the realisation of the benefits of being a Credit Union member caused the membership to increase constantly on a yearly basis and so a second storey was added in 1982. Apart from some facelifts and maintenance and an extension at the back the Credit Union remains a landmark building on Main Street.
Office staff has increased and the responsibilities attached to the officers are much greater now and made even more difficult due to the present economic climate and the turmoil within the banking system but Emyvale District Credit Union Ltd has steered a steady course and has always acted prudently with the good of its members the guiding principle in all decisions. It has played a major role in the development of the area and its members can be thankful for its presence among us. To this day its members are the owners and they have an opportunity every year at the AGM to influence the road ahead.

Below we have some photos - some current and some going back. Hope you enjoy. There have been others, not in any of the photos, who also held office over the years.

Pat and Tom cut the cake to celebrate the 21st Birthday

Present Office Staff
Treasurer, Paudie Donaghue, wishes Helena Treanor a happy retirement as she leaves the office on her final day of work there in June 2011 after 43 years as Office manager.
Peter McMahon outside his shop, which was on the site of the current Credit Union Office on Main Street.
Front: Tom Murray, Helena Treanor, Eugene O’Brien, President Irish League of CU, Pat Gilsenan, Susan McKenna Gorman,
Back row surviving founding members at 21st anniversary: Raymond McGreevy, Seamus McCluskey, Barney Kerr, Pat Herr, Benny McKenna, Mick McAree.
Officers in the ‘70’s
Board members of the ‘80’s
Officers in the 80’s
Pat Treanor, Benny McKenna, Paddy Lavery and John Treanor
John Kelly, Mick McKenna and John Gilsenan
Just some of the photos in the archive
Packie McKenna, Mick McKenna and Sean McAllister
50th Anniversary Celebrations on July 16th 2011  HERE