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High Chieftain of Aghaloo

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A fifth Clan enters the race


The Chieftains project is the brainchild of Aghaloo and Blackwater Community Association to help raise funds for a much needed Community Hall at Aughnacloy in the heart of Aghaloo.  Simply put, the project involves self-selecting teams of fund-raisers known as “Clans” electing a “Chieftain” and undertaking a community led fund-raising campaign.  Over a 9 month period from January to October - the Clan that raises the most funds for the Aghaloo Community Hall will have their Chieftain elected “High Chieftain of Aghaloo”.  This novel initiative was launched in Quinn’s Corner on the 28th of January where in front of a packed audience four separate Clans declared their prospective Chieftains.


Following the exciting launch, each Clan has been busy plotting their victory, and activities are in full swing. For the public this has resulted in some very entertaining nights with the promise of more to come. Last Wednesday, the 16th of March, all Chieftains and their clans were summoned to St Joseph’s hall Caledon, to the now annual, St. Patrick’s Concert.   Eager for the opportunity to come face-to-face with the opposition the clans turned out in force.  Clan Josie and her Angels reaffirmed that they are no push over and are making excellent strides to claim the crown despite her small stature.  Cuthbert, the leader of the bogmen, was unable to attend due to production pressures in the bog, however his merry band of bogmen joined us promising an eventful summer both in and out of the bog.  Clan Ursula and her ladies assured the crowd present that she plans to continue her campaign and help the female population of Aghaloo shape up in the process.  Mickey the Wolfhound and his entourage claimed that they have successfully captured many areas of the local community, including the Brantry, and are driving forward with gusto.  

Unbeknownst however to Mickey and his rival chieftains and clans, who were all presenting a very confident front, the Brantry was waiting in the wings and interrupted the party on the night.  Announcing that the Brantry too had talent an exciting audition took place. The youthful Caolan Gildernew was unanimously chosen to represent the dispersed tribes of the Brantry as the fifth High Chieftain of Aghaloo contender.  He claims that he will build a hall for the young people of the parish and has no doubt that he will be the victorious candidate.  Caolan Gildernew took to the stage with such poise and belief that the other Chieftains could visibly be seen to step back in anticipation of what was to come and the fear was palpable as they realised that a new, younger, nominee had entered the fray.


All present had a very enjoyable night and not only were they entertained by the obvious rivalry but also the numerous singers and dancers who took to the stage.  MC for the night was Ian Coulter who regaled the crowds. Be sure and follow this Chieftains project as it enfolds over the coming months.  Check press for upcoming events, add us as a friend on facebook or visit for the most up to date information.  

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