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Day Outing

During the good times, economically, people tended to take holidays abroad rather than have Day Outings at home. Still many Monaghan people had Mobile homes at various locations around the northern part of the country. There were plenty of parks around the Donegal Coast and these were favourite spots for little Monaghan communities to grow during the good weather. However the East coast was also popular and Clogherhead and Bettystown were well known locations. I never holidayed in either of the last two mentioned but did spend a Day Out in both of them on occasion. However I have never been in either since about the late 70’s. On the Easter Bank Holiday we decided to go to Bettystown just to see the changes. The weather was cool, but not cold, dry but had recent rain, and very windy. We drove on to the beach, where parking is encouraged and more so because it is Free though signs are that perhaps during the Summer there is a charge as our picture below shows.

We were pleasantly surprised by the number of people there, though there were no brave souls to test the water temperature with bare feet not to mention bikini. The length of the beach is enormous and is ideal for walking. You could cover a couple of mile north or south and with the head-on gale blowing on Monday the backward journey seemed like twice the outward walk - at least it used twice as much energy.

This gave us a good appetite for a bite of lunch and we went up the town for a walk and to find an eatery. There were a number of them but some seemed to be closed??. We decided to go back to a Bistro, which was situated at the entrance to the beach. It was modern, clean and inviting but on going inside we realised that every table was taken - a good sign. Immediately a lady informed us that she would have a table for us in a minute and she had. We ordered lunch and we both agreed that it was delicious, tasty, fresh, nicely prepared and well presented. It was also huge and we leisurely ate our fill. Paying the bill was also a pleasant task as the prices charged were really cheap making it excellent value. Well done to those responsible for this establishment.

Up the town there were amusements and all the usual fixtures for a seaside town. We did not participate in any of the activities on offer there as bumping cars after a big meal do not go hand in hand. However we strolled about and when we decided to head for home we agreed that this was a place worth another visit and we tell it to you as you might get the same enjoyment as we did from our Day Out in Bettystown .

Looking North

Looking South

The Bistro

The Bistro BT at the entrance to the Beach and do not be put off by the apparent roadworks. That will not spoil your day. Notice the crow entering from the right. It got none of my food anyhow.