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Candlelight Vigil at Aghaloo

A dignified candlelight vigil was held at the Church of St. Mary in Aughnacloy on Monday August 1st starting at 9.30pm. This is part of an on-going campaign to, in the words of one of the organisers, ‘get justice and fair play for Fr. McEvoy and to have a priest, and preferably Fr. McEvoy, appointed to the parish’. Fr. McEvoy had been Parish Priest there when he stood down due to allegations which had been made against him in regard to child safety concerns. The civil authorities investigated the matter and, according to the campaign organisers, the police have since dropped the case and that no charges are reportedly due to be brought against the priest. For this reason the supporters are demanding that Fr. McEvoy be re-instated and allowed continue his ministry. Since the relocation of the Administrator appointed to Aghaloo, the priests from neighbouring parishes are covering and providing the services to the people of Aghaloo/Carnteel. There is no complaint regarding the manner in which these priests are providing the services but the people of Aghaloo/Carnteel are demanding that a priest be appointed to their parish. The campaign continues and the hope is that Cardinal Brady will listen to the pleas of the people and respond positively.

After reciting the Rosary inside the Church the  people walked silently around the outside of the Church with lit candles.