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Maureen Sewell’s 70th Birthday Party.

When the first meeting of community activists was called in Monaghan General Hospital, in January 2002, to ascertain what could be done to stop the removal of services, Maureen Sewell was in attendance. When the Community Alliance was formed at a formal meeting in the Hillgrove Hotel in May 2002, Maureen was there and was elected Secretary. She has been at my side as secretary of the Alliance ever since. She is so committed to the campaign that she has missed very few meetings in all of the nine years + and has tried to get our message across at every opportunity in her other interests. She has been a member and an officer in the ICA to the rank of Regional President and has made sure that the ICA organisation were kept informed of the happenings in Monaghan and has garnered their support for our actions. But then Maureen is also very involved in other organisations and has been an innovative and active member of various groups over the years. She has always been a very active person and is a wonderful example of the benefits and experience that senior citizens can bring to communities. (Don’t tell her I called her a senior citizen as in her mind and her actions she has not reached 40 yet).
However Maureen celebrated her 70th Birthday recently and her family organised a surprise birthday party for her in  the Skule Inn, Smithboro, on Saturday night, August 6th, and Boy was it a surprise as it had been kept a total secret and a perfect plan implemented to get her there unknowingly. A big crowd turned-out to show appreciation and share a wonderful night with a great friend and we all had a great night. Thanks to the family for inviting us there for such a happy and joyous occasion. We wish Maureen many more decades of health and happiness and the energy to continue to contribute in so many ways to the life and soul of our communities.

Maureen with family.