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Canadians Visit Clara Sept 2010

During their stay in Monaghan in Sept 2010 Mervyn McCarthy’s group of visitors paid a visit to Clara Hall where they were entertained to a dinner followed by music and dance. They had a great night and they regard this as something special as they are given the opportunity to meet with and become acquainted with local ordinary people and friendships are formed and it is a part of their holiday they will remember with great fondness. Members of the McKenna Clan were also present in Clara and some of these had travelled to Miramichi and PEI previously and could chat with greater understanding with the visitors. After dinner speeches were delivered by Jackie Crowe, Mayor of County Monaghan; Robbie Gallagher, Monaghan Town Mayor; Mervyn McCarthy while Wllie McKenna acted as Master of Ceremonies. Some of the words delivered by the speakers are recorded below and if you click on the photo you should hear the audio.

On left with members of the Clan McKenna and on right with councillors.

Speakers below - click the photo to hear some of what they said.

jackie crowe.wav

Jackie Crowe
County Mayor

mervyn mc carthy clara.wav

Mervyn McCarthy
Tour Organiser

Robbie Gallagher.wav

Robbie Gallagher
Monaghan Town Mayor

Willie in Clara.wav

Willie McKenna


This must have been ‘Canadian Week’ in Monaghan as on Saturday Rupert Bernard and friends arrived in Monaghan too. Rupert is a Councillor in the Miramichi and a former Mayor of that city. He has been to Ireland and Monaghan on previous occasions and had a two night stop here this time. We have a short interview with him which can be accessed by clicking his photo.

rupert bernard.wav

Rupert pictured with Mayor Crowe: County Manager, Declan Nelson; Eamon O’Callaghan, Co. Co. Official;Tony Murphy, former Co. Secretary; Willie McKenna, Former Cllr; Cllr. Hugh McElvaney and Cllr. Seamus Coyle.

Rupert pictured with his wife Caroline; Frank and Rose McFarland and John and Eugenia Serenci.

Rupert Bernard