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Fete Day in Glaslough.

Apart from a couple of light rain showers the weather was clement for the Fete in Glaslough on Sunday July 31st. There was plenty to do and enjoy. For all ages there were competitions to test skill, strength, milking ability, speed, intelligence, and luck. For the more sedate a nice bowl of fresh strawberries topped with fresh cream from Diane or a fresh scone with jam and cream from Bridie together with a mug of Packie’s special brew tea or coffee went down a treat. As the day wore on a juicy burger from Trevor’s kitchen would fill the gap. To relax you could watch the young taking part in races and you could start recalling your former greatness. Some Mums and Dads had to prove their former greatness and the Roses mingled and got in on the action too. And then there was chatting to do with friends or with people you had not met since the last Fete or even with people you meet every day of the week - Yes - a very enjoyable day.