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Dont Tell The Wife.

Strange happenings are again being reported from the Tydavnet area. A group of people have been seen going into the Tydavnet Community Centre and leaving it at all hours of the morning dressed in unusual garb. One local heard one man say as he departed into the night - ‘dont tell the wife’. Imaginations went wild until someone worked it out that it was only Paddy Sherlock rehearsing for the upcoming Tydavnet Drama which is a 3-Act Comedy from the pen of Belfast writer, Sam Cree, called ‘Dont Tell The Wife’.
This promises to be another big success for the local group after a great run last year when extra nights had to be put on and on one occasion patrons turned away from the door of a packed Centre. There is a little warning here - Get there early.
The drama kicks off on Friday, February 18th and again on Sunday 20th. The following weekend the shows are on Saturday and Sunday (due to the elections on Friday), February 26th and 27th. The troupe then head for Luton, England for two performances there on 12th and 13th March, before returning again for two more performances on the last weekend of March in the Garage Theatre Monaghan.
We wish them every success and hope that people will avail of the opportunity to go and enjoy another wonderful production from the Tydvanet players.
You can hear more details be clicking on Karen’s photo below. She is co-producer with Raymond Connolly.

The authentic set for the Drama.

Karen McCague

Some scenes from the play and then a group shot of participants and some of the helping hands.


Karen McCague.wma

I attended the Sunday 20th performance of this play and almost did not make it. I arrived at the centre 35 minutes before Curtain and got a seat but 5 minutes later the doors had to close as every inch of space was occupied and patrons had to be turned away. I should have heeded my own warning above.
However it was curtain up some minutes early then and I must say - this was a top class performance from every member of the cast. It was a total enjoyable experience and it should be compulsory viewing for everyone as it will transport you into a make-believe world, yet real, where you get a laugh every 15 seconds. This is great humour and acted to perfection. It is on next weekend and later in the Garage and all I can say is - don’t miss it. If you are in Luton or know someone in Luton, tell them to get their tickets as this is a fantastic ‘pick-me-up’ when we really need it. Congratulations to the cast, the off-stage crew and to the joint producers Raymond and Karen. You all did a great job.