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Truagh Special Needs Celebrates 10 years.

On Monday June 6th Truagh Special Needs celebrated their 10th anniversary in their HQ and a big crowd turned out to join in the celebrations. It was a great party as no one knows how to party like the Truagh Special Needs and their friends were not far behind. Sumptuous food was enjoyed with plenty of it and then the members of the group cut their 10th Birthday Cake together. Words of congrats and praise were said by Brian Treanor, Chairman Truagh Development and Fr. Nolan PP. and everyone admired all those who were responsible for setting up the unit and who have continued to make it so successful. Paul and Stephen Cassidy presented medals to the members who had participated in the Bicycle Training and John Loughran was ready, willing and able to supply the music for dancing. All the formalities were conducted by Paddy Flood in his usual professional manner and then it was time to party, party party. Thanks to them for the invite to attend and I enjoyed the occasion immensely as I always do when I call at ‘Kurkin’.