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Aghaloo Battle of the Chieftains.

Aghaloo and Blackwater Community Association has decided to build a community Hall and a development committee has been set up. The first task is to raise funds and they have decided to organise the Battle of the Chieftains. Four personalities have allowed their names to go forward in the contest and each has his/her own team of gallant warriors who are going to assist the ‘would be chieftains’ to raise funds through various organised events. The person with the highest amount on a certain date will be declared the winning Chieftain. The range of events is extensive, innovative, and interesting but most of all – they are fun. Those who contribute will get good value for money and will enjoy participating in and attending the events.

Those who were present at the Official Launch of the Battle of the Chieftains in Quinn’s Corner on Friday night, January 28th can be in no doubt but that this campaign is going to provide great hilarity , merriment and laughter. The four contestants - Ursula Douglas, Michael Muldoon, Cuthbert Donnelly and Josie O’Gorman - and their teams were introduced and each had a theme and the fun and craic was mighty as they were interviewed by host, Martin McCarron, who orchestrated the joviality of the night.
If you see an event organised for this contest make sure you support as best you can as it is a great cause and you will enjoy the occasion.

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