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Retirement Party for Josie Brady.

On Friday March 11th a huge crowd gathered in to Truagh Parish Hall, Clara Hall, to celebrate and show appreciation to Josie Brady for all she has done for the area and for Clara Hall in particular. Representatives from groups around the area, and many cross border groups, joined the party. A sumptuous meal was served, and for once, Josie was not working but sitting enjoying the good food and company. After the meal Noel Kelly called her to the stage and a this is your life was presented by him, releasing little details that most did not know and which Josie herself had conveniently forgotten. He highlighted the many ways in which Josie had been involved in community work over many years. A presentation was made by Mary Devlin on behalf of the people of the parish paid tribute to Josie and presented her with a hand carved picture of the Clara Hall. Liz O’Hagan also made a presentation on behalf of the new Hall Committee. Brian Treanor added his words of praise for Josie’s contribution to community life and concluded with a clever poem, written by himself, which recommended Josie as Taoiseach. A presentation was made to her by Nuala McKenna to recognise her contribution to the work of the Blackwater Learning Centre. Further words of thanks were added by Fr. Nolan. Her daughters joined her on stage and Patricia made a very moving statement thanking her as her mother and expressing appreciation for all she did for the family and community.