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Glaslough Fete

Back in the 1950’s the Glaslough Fete was a huge event and proceeds went to the Parish. It was held in the grounds of the Castle and there was a very wide range of attractions: Marching Bands, Fancy Dress Parade which consisted mainly of adults, Irish Dancing Competitions, Singing Competitions, Boat rides, Hoopla Stall, Rickety Wheel, Tea Stall, Ice Cream stall, athletics and fun races, many competition stalls, etc etc. Then it ceased due to many factors. It was revived some years ago and changed its location and was again a great success. However once again it fell through but 2010 sees its revival once again. Once again the location is changed but many of the former items are included on the programme. There are also new additions and the energetic people behind it are hoping to build on the success of this year and have it bigger and better again in 2011. We paid a visit on Sunday, August 1st and we have a pictorial for you.