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Corn 2011.
It was a bumper harvest year brought about by the clement weather and the sincere prayers of the farmer in question, who wanted to prove to locals that he knew something about growing corn after the disaster of 2010. It was the fireside story throughout the winter of 2010 when the tale of the rotten corn was told and retold and the more it was told the more rotten it got. Everyone had their own opinion as to why the corn was so bad in 2010 - the field was too wet, the field was too dry, he did not sow enough seed or he sowed too much, the seed was old, the seed was shot, the field was sprayed with weed killer by one of the big corn producers of the world as he was afraid of the competition, or the field needed more fertilizer. Indeed I doubt this last as I heard so much bulls**t in that field I think the seed was smothered with the stuff.
Anyhow - 2011 was going to be different. This time the field was hidden from view and the ground prepared well with a crop of great spuds the previous year. The say the farmer could see the field from his bedroom window and that he moved the bed so that he would see it last thing at night and first thing in the morning. In his sleep he squeezed anything he could get his hand on to see if it had a heart yet and then one morning he awakened with a roar and said today is the day for reaping. John Daly arrived and despite the thick growth of grass at the base the binder did its job and the corn was tied and stooked though taken to a dry place just in case. The Thresher was booked but failed to turn up as it poured rain that day and not even ducks went out so one could not expect Denis and Mackie to take their vintage machines out. One week later everything was ‘go’ and the threshing was done. I was unable to attend but I did get some photos from Babs which I show below. From what I hear the story will be different this winter as neighbours wonder how he managed to have such a crop as it seems that every available bag in the area was filled. Word is that the farmer has been invited to go on a ‘Lecture Tour’ of the USA and Russia to advise on the proper way to grow corn and the new genetic strain he has discovered. This story is to be continued.