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Silverhill Foods and Declan McKenna, a student of Horticulture, are about to launch a unique project and one that is sure to be replicated all over the country. Silverhill has supplied a portion of land on which Declan has developed allotment style sections and pupils from local National Schools will come to this allotment for lessons in growing plants and the whole process of propagation. The educational value of this project is very high and the experience will have life-long consequences. We will bring you full details in the near future.

Our photos show pupils from St. Patrick’s NS Clara visiting the site and getting to know the plans for the future, Declan is a past pupils of this school, so it was a particularly interesting for him too.

Gary McDowell of Silverhill, with Declan McKenna.

The pupils and teachers in the Polytunnel with Declan.

The pupils with a general view of the site.


Update - May 21st 2010.

Over the past couple of weeks, myself together with the local schools have sown seeds in seed modules for the external plots at our C.S.R. Farm project site. This was a unique experience for all involved because these will be the first crops harvested by our local children. We have also taken some soft wood and Green wood cuttings which got everyone who was involved very excited because it showed the children that they could propagate common plants from their own gardens - for example Buddleia ( the Butterfly Bush). In recent days the children, along with myself, have begun to plant out some of our vegetables - cabbage, onions, to name but a few.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the participation of the children and the interest they have all shown and hope it will continue throughout the up coming weeks

Kind Regards

From Declan McKenna.