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Visit to Monaghan Mushrooms.

The first call was to Monaghan Mushrooms, where the Ambassador met with Paul Wilson, who gave a history of the business and the developments over the years and the current major project being constructed for future development. He and the Ambassador discussed the major expansion of the Company into Canada and the future plans there. It was then out on the floor where John Lyons gave a very extensive and engaging overview of the entire process for the preparation and dispatch of the Mushrooms from Monaghan. The technology used and the coordination of the path from mushroom bed to the shelf in a Supermarket in England was fascinating. The importance placed by the company on the quality of the product is obvious everywhere and is a major contributing factor in making Monaghan Mushrooms a world leader in the business.

Paul then took the Ambassador on a tour of the new farm development at the Monaghan Mushroom site. Covering an area of about 10 acres this will be a massive investment in the most modern methods of producing, processing and delivery of the mushroom product, which will keep Monaghan Mushrooms at the top of the ranking in the world. The product itself is also continually undergoing research and development and the new ways of presenting the mushroom and its preparation for cooking are constantly being introduced.

The Ambassador was very impressed with the visit here and was delighted to be given such an insight into a business which is now a major enterprise in Canada.

Our photos show some aspects of the tour: