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silver hill

Hunt for the Hunk.

The recession and the IMF were far from the minds of all in St. Mellans on Saturday night, November 20th, when the competition to find the Tru-Truagh Hunk took place in a packed venue.  The ambience of the function room was greatly enhanced over the past week or so with a new ceiling and lighting and more refurbishment to come. However few eyes were distracted from the hopeful hunks strutting their assets in the expectation of being named Truagh Hunk and then going forward to the county final in two weeks time. There is serious money to be won by the individual and for the club and the ten contestants for Truagh must be complimented for the courage and commitment given to this venture. Praise also for the ‘Escorts’ who agreed to participate in ‘trying circumstances’. A special word for Brendan and Bob who added to the joviality and hilarity. The show would not have been so enjoyable were it not for the fact that the club had, at great expense and inconvenience, brought in the services of world famous interrogator Ciaran Morrison, who exposed secrets and lulled the contestants into revelations that brought the colour red to their cheeks. After the vote from the huge audience the winner was declared to be Ian Treanor and we wish him further success at county level. Hopefully there will be a big following to go with him to give him the necessary support. Part of the proceeds from the night goes to charities. Well done to all involved.