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Roses in Emyvale

The late Sinead Murphy was selected as Ulster Rose of Tralee in 1991 and represented the province, county, and area in Tralee for the famous Rose of Tralee festival. She brought great excitement to the North Monaghan region and beyond and endeared herself to so many people. She certainly impressed in the Dome when interviewed by Gay Byrne and, though she did not win the overall title, she was the winner in many minds.
The manner in which girls are selected has changed over the years and in recent years, when there has been a County Monaghan selection process the participants have always visited Emyvale as a mark of respect to the memory of Sinead. I have been the coordinator for that visit and we acknowledge the help given by John McMahon of John’s Plaice. We also acknowledge the support given by the Murphy family and we thank the County organisers who included Emyvale in the itinerary each year.
2011 is the 20th anniversary of Sinead’s term as Ulster Rose and the current county organisers decided to mark the occasion with a visit to Emyvale Leisure Centre and invited the Murphy family to attend. Invitations were also extended to other organisations to come along and meet the Roses. Nicola Hackett, chief organiser, paid ribute to Sinead and made a presentation to Marie, Sinead’s mother. The Roses sang ‘A Little Peace’ which was one of the songs which Sinead had in her repertoire. Nieces of Sinead - Lauren, Chloe, Leah and Janette  - performed musically and with dance to entertain and Fabian thanked the Roses, the escorts and the organisers for the occasion. Thanks also to Monaghan Rose of last year - Noelle Clerkin, who accompanied the girls.
One of the participants this year is Grainne Daly and she is representing McMahons Bar, Emyvale, better known as Redboys. When the function finished in the Leisure Centre the Roses called in to the Redboys and chatted to the customers and enjoyed the visit, with Peter being the top class host as usual.


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