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Fishing in Emy Lake.

Emy Lake is certainly getting back to its former glory as far as fishing is concerned and the local club, Emy and District Anglers, together with the Inland Fisheries Board, must be congratulated for the work they have and are continuing to do on the lake. This facility has great potential for local and visiting anglers and it is a fantastic boost for the area to see it being restored as a great fishery. Lets hope this progress can continue into the future and, with the current recession, anything which will increase the economic activity in an area must be welcomed. Well done to all concerned.

Above we see Enda, and two of his children, display the two fish caught by Enda on Emy today, Monday, August 3rd.

The fine trout which Martin McKenna caught last week.

Fly of the Month on Emy Lake has to be the Green Peter. July is usually a very quiet month for fishing and it can be difficult to attract the rises but this particular fly has hooked a large number of trout on Emy during the past three or four weeks. It is best fished in late afternoon or evening and close to the shore is the more common place. It can be fished wet or dry but the wet version seems to work better on Emy. Fishing it just below the surface has produced results.  

The Latin name for this type of fly is ‘Trichoptera’ (Greek for 'hairwing') and it is one of the Sedge/Caddis flies. It can be tied with or without wings and deer hair is used mainly for the dry fly.

If you have any further information on this fly please let us have it to share with other anglers who visit this site.

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