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silver hill

The Big Big Bazaar - Game On.

What an afternoon - what fun - what competition - what activity - what prizes - and what a great day for Drumlin FC and for Donagh Community Games. Well done to the committees of both these organisations - they all did a great job in organising and implementing the show. Thanks to all the contributors and sponsors and all who helped in any way. Thanks to the huge number of people who turned out and kept the action going and the money flowing for the two hours. Drumlin FC came out on top at the end but both teams gathered a nice little nest egg for the day. So a big thanks to Claire and the Big Big Bazaar team for making it all possible and for providing Emyvale with an opportunity to shine and be seen. We hope that they were happy with the show and that they enjoyed their days in and around Emyvale. Last but by no means least thanks to Roxanne and Reuben who were the presenters of the show. We hope to get information on the date of showing and when we do we will inform you too as this will be worth watching. For anyone who was involved in the building of the Leisure Centre it was a day of great satisfaction to see the building being used in such a way and looking so well even after 25 years.