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Snippets 3


Over the weekend of August 28th four visitors arrived in Monaghan but they were really ‘coming home’. Let me explain:
The late Tommy Makem was sent to Monaghan to research the possibility of establishing closer connections between Monaghan and Prince Edward Island, Canada, and he called with Willie McKenna and the rest is history. Connections had been made prior to that between Seamus McCluskey and Benny Hackett with Brendan O’Grady in PEI. However the new impetus took it to a new level and many exchanges have taken place since then and many PEI residents have returned to the land and, in some cases, the very homesteads from which their forefathers emigrated back in the 1800’s. The latest ‘visitors’ were here before and called at the home of the Treanors in Rarutra from which Owen Treanor, with his wife and nine children departed in 1839 for a new life in Canada. A branch of the family established themselves in PEI and now they are in regular contact with their ‘relatives back home’. I caught up with them as they walked about the farmyard which Owen left behind. Brid Mullen, nee Treanor, and Bridie Curley, nee Treanor, were with them and further details of the family tree were discussed and examined. We also enjoyed a lovely cup of tea and beautiful scones, thanks to Edel. Lovely meeting you all and hope you had a very enjoyable holiday and a safe journey home.

Brid Mullen Treanor, extreme left, and Bridie Curley Treanor, extreme right with - Cecil Taylor, Barbara Trainor, Sandra Trainor and Parnell Trainor, and behind them is the old building converted to a barn in latter years.
It is not unusual for names to have a different spelling, though the same family, as a shipping clerk or some other registrar could have misspelt it and the changed spelling was then used officially.