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Snippet 7

The Glaslough and Monaghan star of the TV screen, Charlene McKenna, was spending Christmas with her parents and family in Glaslough. This cheerful, sprightly and spirited actress is now a household name from her appearances in RAW, Pure Mule, Whistleblower and many other starring roles. On Sunday January 9th 2011 RAW 3 comes on our screens and no doubt she will capture hearts and minds with her performances in this series too.
Unfortunately Charlene picked up the ‘Flu bug that is going around and this fouled up her Christmas break somewhat but she recovered with the TLC of her Mum and Dad. I had arranged an interview with her over the Christmas but we ended up chatting over the phone.
Below are the questions I put to her and her response can be heard by clicking on the photo under the various questions.

charlene 001.mp3

Question 1.
When did you decide to become an actress?

Question 2.
Where did school fit in to this hectic life?

charlenea 002.mp3

Question 3.
What was your most enjoyable or challenging role?

charlenea 003.mp3

Question 4.
What has been the toughest part you have had to play?

charlenea 004.mp3

Question 5.
What have you coming up in the near future

charlenea 005.mp3

Question 6.
Do you prefer to work in London or Dublin?

charlenea 006.mp3

Question 7.
Do you prefer working for TV and film or would you like to work more in Theatre?

charlenea 007.mp3

Question 8.
Acting looks glamorous and more like play than work.
Is it?

charlenea 008.mp3

Question 9.
What do you do in your time off?

charlenea 009.mp3

Thanks to Charlene for giving the time for this interview. I hope that you will all tune in to RTE 1 on Sunday nights for this series of RAW 3. I guarantee you will enjoy it.
I wish Charlene every success in the future and I believe that a blockbuster film in Hollywood could be on the cards soon. What ever is in store for her I am sure that Charlene will always remain the unassuming lassie from Glaslough, as she has not allowed her fame to change her.