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silver hill   Catch up with all the news and happenings in St. Louis Secondary School,   Full details re. Irish Blood Transfusion Service.     Keep up to date with the Border Rally Championship news and placings.    Keep in touch with handball activity in the county and clubs If you are visiting the area, then this is a very attractive, homely and central place to stay. - Truagh Parish and Blackwater Learning Centre. - Information on the Emyvale Leisure Centre  Information on Donagh Development Association and Emy Lake Walk a martial arts group which has been taking classes in Emyvale Leisure Centre for the past six years. - A site keeping the public up to date on the work of the Community Alliance. - for wedding, football game or any event - this is the site to go to. You will also find the names of some very interesting and enjoyable videos. An interesting site from Richard Tinneny, friends of the Brady family at Shanko and worth a visit - interesting site on Monaghan. - Peter McMahon, Undertaker and providers of complete range of services for bereaved families.