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The Emyvale Development Association was founded in 1936 by local men - Dr. T.J. Leonard; J.J. Hannigan; P.McEntee; Charles McCluskey, P.C. MCC.; Tom Lawlor, B.E.; Michael Kelly,N.T.; Dr. W.J. Coyne; Dr. Cornelius Kieran; W.H. Swan; Wm. Edwards; Peter Coyle; Joseph Eakin; John McGeough; E.J. Neeson; Joseph Corr; John Walker; J.J. Turley; Stephen McPhillips, N.T.; Walsh; Wm. Kelly; P. Gallagher; T. Coffey and Con Crowley. The original objective was to develop the natural beauty and amenities at Emy Lough, including the construction of a pathway around the lake. However they soon became more involved in the development of the village and surrounding area. Some of the issues addressed were: Street Lighting; Public water and sewerage system; Night Classes in the Technical school; Road maintenance; Telephone Exchange; Housing, etc. They carried out a feasibility study on the possibility of having an 18-hole Golf Course adjacent to Emyvale. In 1968 Monaghan County Council, at the request of the EDA asked Bord Failte to provide signposting for the Bragan Scenic Drive.

Over the years there have been many other members, including the late Jack Donoghue and Dr. T.J. O'Connor, and Seamus McCluskey, who has been Hon. Secretary since 1956. The present committee consists of: Chairman - Peter J. McMahon; Secretary - Seamus McCluskey; Treasurer - Mary Lavery; Cultural Officer - Gerard McQuaid; Committee - Evelyn Murray, Mick Kavanagh.
In 2002 Emyvale Development Association LTD was set up to organise the building of the new Enterprise Centre at Mill Road.

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The committee was involved in a project to unearth the rich heritage of the area and develop the tourism potential.



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