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Links: Deravoy National School official Website. www. Learn all about the happenings in Truagh. it’s product range Wood-Screws, Fastenings, Power Tools,Adhesive Products and Janitorial Products,Workwear and Safety Footwear,Packaging, Personnel Protection, First-Aid, and EUCU CHEMTRADE which specialises in the supply of chemical and solvent and excipient materials into the Pharma-Food and Water Treatment and Leisure Industries to name but a few. Crocus was established in late 2010 by a group of Cancer survivors. We are a voluntary run, Peer Support Group, who are solely dependent on donations and charity fundraising events. Catch up with all the news and happenings in St. Louis Secondary School, Keep up to date with the Border Rally Championship news and placings. If you are visiting the area, then this is a very attractive, homely and central place to stay. Information on Donagh Development Association and Emy Lake Walk

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