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silver hill

The Emy Walkway.

The members of Donagh Development Association can take a bow as the popularity of the Emy Walkway grows and grows. Preparations are in hand for the Official Opening and it promises to be a great day of entertainment and hopefully the weather will allow all that is planned. However in the meantime the hundreds of feet are stepping their way round the walk on a daily basis. Some begin at the Bathers side and go anti-clockwise round the circuit while others prefer to go clockwise. Some run, some jog, some walk and some stroll and many stop along the way to admire the scenery and to allow the tranquility seep into their spirit. The approaching Summer will enhance the area greatly when the leaves come on the trees and the lakeside vegetation sprouts up. The variety of trees and shrubs will provide us with ‘the forty shades of green’. At the same time the wildlife has become accustomed to the influx of humans to their territory and now carry on as if there was no one there. However the ducks never had it so good - there are so many tossing tasty morsels to them that they are all putting on weight and are now swimming more to keep in shape. It has also benefited the shore-fisherman as he/she is now able to access all shores around the lake with comparative ease increasing the capability of the lake to accommodate more fishermen at the same time.
All in all this has been a great project and the Donagh Development Association must be congratulated of their work. They do have an outstanding loan to complete the project and it is hoped that the public will be generous in giving what and where they can as a way of saying thanks to the committee for providing the public with such a worthwhile facility, which is now enjoyed by so many from a wide area on  both sides of the border.
Declan McMahon supplied me with the photos below, which, I think, captures the beauty and the functionality of the Emy Walkway, but don’t take my word for it - get out there and experience it for yourself.

Not shy - just feeding

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