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silver hill

PEI Visitors in November 15

The link between Prince Edward Island and Monaghan continues is strong and healthy and that link continues to bring visitors to Ireland and Monaghan in particular. Some come to trace ancestors and others just to see the place from which many of their neighbours' ancestors came and about which they have heard so many stories. They have grown up in communities with a strong Irish cultural tradition and a culture that is being handed on to the next generation. My daughter Paula was part of a talented group of musicians, singers and dancers who travelled to PEI when the irish Festival committee there invited Emyvale to send such a group to participate in the Irish Festival there in 1990. She had wonderful stories of friendship and generosity of the people in PEI and the potent similarities between the two regions so far apart yet linked so closely. More recently another daughter, Edelle, had a vacation there and again came home with nothing but praise for the warm and friendly welcome she and her friends received there. Two members of the PEI communit who have visited here on a number of occasions are Charlie and Anna Duffy and when I heard that their grand-daughter, Kayla, was paying a flying visit to Monaghan I arranged to meet her with her friends.