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Vintage Rally 2018

Monaghan Veteran and Vintage Club organised their annual Vintage Rally on the first Sunday of July every year and this fell on July 1st 2018. A huge amount of work has to be done and preparations made for this event which just grows and grows. The Field in Clontibret is an ideal location and expansive but 2018 showed that more space will be needed very soon. Of course the excellent weather on the day brought out the exhibitors and the spectators, but it was one of the best days of the Rally in my memory, and I have been at most of them. To give a run down on all that happened and all the types of exhibits would take up the rest of this page but suffice it to say that no matter what your preferences are there was something there for you. Every year there are additions and new exhibitors and increasing numbers in existing exhibitions with the result that it would take you all day and more just calling at every stall. The members of the Club know what people like and what people need for a successful Rally and when God gives them good weather it is a wonderful spectacle and a very interesting day for all ages. Murphy Videos were there making a Video record of the day and when the Club launches it I will be recommending that you get a copy and enjoy seeing most of what happened on the day.
Just to pick out a couple of things - There was a big turnout of threshing machines and balers but an added piece of fun this year was the 'all female threshing team', when a group of ladies took over all the duties at the Thresher and baler and proved that they could handle it just as well as the men. Another item which attracted much attention was the man from Antrim who had his trained dogs with him and displayed how to train and make dogs obey commands - wonderful to see his dogs respond to his orders. Watching the Fire Brigade demonstrate how they extract injured patients from a car smash in record time was impressive and showed a high level of expertise and training.
There were many vintage cars, vans, motorbikes and lorries, and in some cases amalgamations of more than one of these. It is a thing of beauty to see these 'old bangers' spotlessly clean and gleaming like new and indeed working perfectly due to the  care, attention, time and attachment of their now owners. One such attracted special attention and more so because many would have known its previous owner and that was a lorry, which was the pride, joy and great work-horse of the late Mr. Wallace of New Mills, Kilcran. Brendan Leddy, Dirella, purchased it some years ago when it was decommissioned and spent time, skill and care in restoring it to its original condition. He got help from some friends and neighbours and the fruits of his labour were on display at the Rally. What a beautiful specimen of a Bedford lorry, looking as if it were just coming out of the showroom. Well done to Brendan and his helpers on a great job. You can see some photos of it below. There were many other vehicles, instruments and implements which have been restored to pristine condition and preserved for the next generation. And that is the importance of what the Vintage Club is doing - encouraging men and women to preserve our past so that future generations can have some idea of what life was like for our forefathers and what they invented, developed and achieved. It is all part of our history and what we are at present as we, like the implements, have been moulded by those who came before us.  


The Plaques above show some of the Vintage activity of Sean McArdle down through the years. Sean was a founder member of the Monaghan Club. He had his beautiful Vintage Car and Stationary Engine on display this year.