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silver hill

Emyvale V Inniskeen

I did not have a chance to see Emyvale Intermediate team in action this year and they were playing at home on Wednesday July 12th so I headed off to Tully. I should have stayed at home and this was not a football game as I would expect to see it. First of all there were two referees arrived with their quota of umpires with them. It was not the officially appointed referee who actually refereed the game and one would wonder what was going on. Now Emyvale had played 8 games in the League and had only 2 points from their efforts but was this going to be a turnaround? Very soon it became a nasty ill-tempered scrappy affair with Inniskeen using their superior physical power to push the young Emyvale team out of the game. Too many of the home team looked inexperienced while the opposition had that experienced look and used it to good advantage to go ahead very quickly. However Emyvale settled in and a great run and finish by Karl McQuaid livened things up and his side began to get into the game though they were still being forced into errors. The decisions being made soon had some on the sidelines, who would normally be very mute, shouting their heads off and showing their disgust at what was happening. At that stage I knew Emyvale had no chance of winning this game. I too was disgusted.



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