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silver hill

Tommy Retires

The big news this evening, Monday, January 15th 2018, is that Tommy Bowe has announced that he will retire from Rugby at the end of this season. Twitter is breaking all records with the number of retweets, likes and messages from all over the world. All are wishing Tommy every best wish for the future and thanking him for his time in the game. Some are picking fun by telling him to take up singing etc but I'm sure that Tommy has a very successful life ahead with his business ventures and as a TV personality and we wish him every success in whatever he undertakes. He has brought great honour to Emyvale and has plugged Emyvale every chance he got. We were all proud to be able to say - 'Tommy is an Emyvale man' and when the history of the area is written he is sure to be singled out as an illustrious son of Emyvale and Monaghan. All through his career in rugby he has been a terrific ambassador for the sport and a fantastic ambassador for Monaghan and a wonderful role model for all our youth. He deserves all the accolades, the praise and the compliments that are and will be paid to him and we wish himself, Lucy and Emma a joyful, healthy and prosperous lifetime ahead. We show a couple of the photos taken when he was honoured by Monaghan CO CO and local sporting clubs sometime ago.