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Tidy Towns

Tidy Town 50th HERE

River Trust Clean Up  ... HERE

Excellent work and huge thanks to all community volunteers for attending our annual An Taisce spring clean up on Saturday morning around Emy Lough, Mountain River and Emyvale environs.  Once again two skips were filled full of rubbish and still a few other areas left to do another litter-pick. Many thanks also to our Minister Heather Humphreys for visiting and for her continued support to our beautiful area.


PLEASE NOTE: Emyvale Tidy Towns requests that no advertising signs of any description be erected on any of the approach roads to Emyvale Village or in the Village. These signs were noted in a previous adjudication report and cost us valuable points. Also they are an obstruction for grass cutting. Any signs placed along the approach roads will be removed by the county council at the request of Emyvale Tidy Towns committee. We appreciate your support in this matter.

May 5th/8th Update HERE

A number of people have contacted the site re. the long grass at the river bank and Aughnacloy approach road. In response, and having checked with the Committee, we say: Biodiversity and Wildlife are now very important parts of the Tidy Towns Competition and the committee has arranged and attended some public meetings where experts explained what can and should be done- eg - Citizen Science River Workshop and Pollinator Workshop on May 10th in the Westenra Hotel,  Monaghan and the talk by ecologist Billy Flynn in Emyvale on biodiversity / managing wildlife.  The adjudicator last year also criticised the committee for cutting this grass where wildlife could live. You can read - for further information. The committee erected signs at these location to explain what is being done, and why, but these signs were removed and destroyed by someone. They were replaced but again some of them have been removed again. It is good that people are taking an interest but more people are needed to volunteer some time to get necessary work done and to keep the whole area litter-free.  If you would like to engage and do even a little bit, just get in touch with the committee or look these up:                                       
The erection of signs on the approach roads also cost Emyvale points last year and the Committee has asked that no signs be erected but organisations continue to do so. They should be banned completely as they distract drivers and in most cases cannot be read as the print is too small and too much of it. Community organisations can advertise their events on this site free of charge.


Intro to Biodiversity HERE