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JUst though the statistics below would be of interest to some. There are other details not included e.g. which states in the USA; which county in Ireland; what has been downloaded; how long each person spent on a page etc etc. The figures come from a Matrix Server and are totally independent. One figure not included is that the average unique daily HITs for January was 3,382.

The most popular Pages Report details the most commonly

requested pages on the site during the month of January 2018

Homepage 7451

/funrun 2018.html 3195

deaths.html 2714

donagh bulletin.html 2313

tru underage.html 2058

nollaig na mban 2018.html 1804

community news.html 1737

ny in chilli.html 1642

kbrt quiz.html 1598

emyvale area.html 1438

tommy retires.html  1381

askin presentation.html 1286

treanors.html 1213

Slainte care.html 1172

monaghan town cctv.html 1162

health reform.html 1118

local history.html 987

christmas swim 2017.html 891

glaslough.html         809

chilli lounge.html 776

news from noeleen.html 701

irene mckenna.html 664

Other pages 32,698

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The Sessions by Network Location report
details sessions by their physical location
during the month of January 2018

Ireland  26121

United States California 7502

Great Britain 6827

United States Washington 2791

Russia   1530

Canada 1385

Germany 886

United States New Jersey   809

Australia 765

China 626

United States Pennsylvania   577

United States Indiana 501

Ukraine 406

United States Virginia 370

Czech Republic 329

United States New York     263

Italy 211

France 210

United States Texas 192

Uruguay 171

Spain 157

Robots and Others 36,121