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silver hill

Snow with Storm Emma

The worst snow since 1982 or even 1947 and we are all told to stay inside and not put ourselves in danger. Most people heeded the advice but others just had to get to work. Farmers who had to attend cattle could not afford to stay indoors and the emergency services are expected to solve all sorts of problems despite hazardous and impossible conditions. Well done to all the members of those services for what they did during the height of the storm and before and after.
For many young folk it was their first experience of building a SNOWMAN and there were some very creative efforts and productions many of which made their way on to Social Media. It was all very enjoyable and great fun but for many it will be a relief to see the thaw and the clear roadways and life getting back to 'normal'. There is going to be a very busy time ahead as groups and organisations try to re-organise a postponed some the the huge number of events which had to be cancelled. Lets hope all our readers have come through the storm with no damage either to human or building.

Just to remind you, if such were needed of some of the snow effects here are a couple of images. Thanks to Fabian for the snowman at Emy Lake image.