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silver hill

Tydavnet Show Day 2017

Tydavnet Show was held on Saturday August 19th 2017 at Drumshevera and a lot of preparation work and head scratching took place in the weeks leading up to Show Day. Even during the previous week there were questions asked as to whether they would be able to go or not because of the weather situation but they went ahead and apart from a couple of showers the weather was kind. The usual events took place with the usual enthusiasm and desire to win in the exceptionally long list of competitions open to participants. I don't normally spend too much time around the cattle pens, even though I have no aversion to cattle, except the mighty bulls, but this year I somehow found myself spending more time at the cattle competitions. The first though was that farming in Ireland was in good hands when I witnessed so many young men and ladies taking charge of animals in the ring and during the preparations before hand. However I wondered and could not see the point of all the hairdressing and colouring and drying which was going on. I would not to washing to present a clean animal but all the rest to me should be unnecessary. The horses and ponies are an attraction and I do like to see the jumping and watching the control the jockey has over the animal. The sheep are quick and jumpy and don't like standing still for more than a few seconds but again the age group of those exhibiting sheep was very encouraging. Of course there were donkeys, hens and ducks and other domestic type animals and some dogs getting ready for the Dog-Show. The side shows, heritage and craft stalls, and the trade stalls were all interesting and modern methods of doing things were on display. Oisin McConville and wife were giving cookery lessons with plenty of eager spectators. The Vintage Club arrived with a variety of their vehicles and add to the event. There were so many things going on with Bonny Baby competitions, fittest family, live music from the stage, dancing, sampling the food from the various stalls, and of course stopping to chat to people, some of whom you did not meet since last year's Show. They day is what you make of it for yourself - the what with has been provided by the organisers and the rest is up to you. So well done to a hard-working and innovative committee and all the workers who went into making the Show the success it was.