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silver hill

Santa in Graham's 2017

By a stroke of good luck I was in Graham's Store on Saturday, December 16th when who should pop in but the man himself - Santa. No one knew he was calling and Heather got a terrible shock when she saw Santa come in through the door. Unfortunately Michael was out at the time and missed him. Santa then took a quick tour round the store and up to the Restaurant and had a word for all, especially the children, some of whom got a last minute order placed. Indeed there were some ladies who were ecstatic when they saw Santa approaching too. Anyhow it was a quick call as he was rushing away to another engagement and wanted to get back to see what the Elves were at. Allister was nowhere to be found which disappointed Santa as he was wanting a wee word with him. It was then back to the sleigh and off he went.

What a place to park!!