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River Trust Clean Up

'Rivers Trust Clean Up Days '

Members of Emy & District Anglers, Emyvale Tidy Towns, Inland's Fishery Ireland (IFI) and the Local Authority Water and Communities Office (LAWCO) did a clean up on the mountain river/mill race on Friday afternoon 23rd & on Saturday morning 24th February.

These clean up's were carried out in conjunction with the national rivers trust clean up weekend. The above named groups are members of The River Blackwater Catchment Trust (RBCT). . Any group or individual can join and become a member .

On Friday evening 23rd, Eddie McGorman and I collected two full bags from the middle of the mill race/mountain river, and along the hedge / grass verge. Loads of bottles - glass, plastics, all type of waste.  We  left on the Friday evening two full bags tight in on the grass verge/hedge on the mill race / mountain river approximately opposite the entrance to Sruth An Mhuilinn, Housing Estate.  It was our intention to organise a car trailer and lift these two large bags (full of smelly litter) early the next morning (Saturday) as I  had no room in the boot of my car and to take them away that evening.

Unfortunately, to our horror, both bags were emptied during the late evening/night and all the rubbish contents thrown along the road verge, on the footpath and on the public road. Who in the community would do such a thing? The two empty bags were left in a resident garden on the estate.  I attach some photos. Hopefully, positive outcome(s) will come out of this negative act of stupidity. It did not appear to be a cat/dog/fox  or any 'animal' unless its a smart one to leave the empty bags in a residence garden?. Who knows? Maybe it was Aliens!

I, personally filled one of them bags on Friday and can say that whoever did this should reflect on what they did and I appeal to come out and help the community clean up. Our next clean up is on Saturday April 14th at 10.30am meeting at Emy Lough public car park.  See you there!

Finally, many thanks to Erin Treanor, Norah Ryan and Eddie McGorman for helping clean up the mess on Saturday. I was stuck in another river Saturday morning and could not help.

Also, many thanks to Leo Mc Mahon, Liam Murray,  Bernie O'Flaherty,  Gretta McCarron, my wife Karen and daughter Caoimhe Fields on helping clean up on the Saturday morning. Plenty of rubbish and rubber tyres in our river systems and grass/hedge verges. Out of sight -  out of mind?

regards,   Enda Fields