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silver hill

Quiz For Fr. John

The 2nd annual Quiz for Fr. John organised by the Rossmore Golf Club was held in the Clubhouse on Friday, April 13th. Unfortunately there was another Quiz organised for the same night which divided the numbers able to attend both events but the Rossmore Quiz was still very successful. Anthony Gorman was Quizmaster and kept all on their toes with his variety of questions. I had to leave before it ended and I do not know which team won but that is immaterial as the real winner will be the people Fr. John will be able to help as a result of the funds raised. I hope to be able to add the total to this report when that information becomes available but I also know that whatever amount is raised it will be of great benefit to Fr. John in his work for the people of his area in South Sudan. Money used through sources like Fr. John are more likely to result in more help getting to where it is really needed as there are no middle men or salaries to be paid and it always amazes me when I read the miracles that people like Fr, John are able to achieve with a little money. I would highly recommend donations to this type of agency. Well done to those at Rossmore who are responsible for the Quiz and to those participating. I know Fr. John will be very appreciative.

Speaking of Rossmore - it was my first time to view the excellent upgrading which has been carried out on the Clubhouse. It is now a much more attractive place which looks inviting, bright, warm, comfortable, spacious and more modern. Bar and food facilities have also been given an upgrade and I would look forward to enjoying some food there in the not too distant future. The 'Official Opening' of the premises takes place this coming weekend with entertainment and food. A place to go to have a good night.