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Peterborough Visitors

History is certainly proving the cynics wrong as the numbers of Canadian visitors to our shores and to Monaghan in particular is increasing rapidly and mainly due to the efforts made by Monaghan County Council and its members to establish links with parts of Canada where there was already a strong Irish root. Monaghan is now linked with Prince Edward Island, The Miramichi in New Brunswick and Peterborough in Ontario. Organised tours as well as numerous private visitors are coming to Monaghan and with people like Willie McKenna setting up activities for them they are going away very happy having enjoyed their time in Monaghan. 800 bed nights last year and a similar number and more this year is great for our local economy. On Saturday July 26th a bus load of Peterborough visitors arrived in Monaghan, led by Shelley, and had a tour of Peadar Morgan’s Wildlife and Heritage Centre at Clontibret. This was a great experience as Peadar regaled them with stories and displayed both living and stuffed animals and birds in his collection. Of course the Irish cuppa and eats were served and it was a marvellous afternoon for the visitors. On Saturday night they dined in Sliabh Beagh Hotel, Knockatallon, and experienced further Irish hospitality from the staff there led by John Moyna. They had a wonderful dinner and musical entertainment there before heading back to town. There are a number of other tours coming in the months ahead and we hope to bring you coverage of those as well. I really enjoyed my time with this Peterborough group as they were very jolly and enjoyed the ‘craic’. I hope they have gone away with good stories to attract others in future. We bring you some photos of their time in Peadar Morgan’s and in Sliabh Beagh.