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Peterborough Visitors Call.

Such was the movement of Irish people to Canada that there are many areas scattered all over Canada where Irish emigrants settled and found a new life. Due to the work of the late Willie McKenna and with the support of Monaghan County Council, the county is now linked with three areas that have strong connections and people with Irish roots. Prince Edward Island and the Miramichi in New Brunswick are well documented but Peterborough in Ontario has equally strong connections with Monaghan and they too are now linked with Monaghan Ireland. In Peterborough you will find the Cavan and Monaghan Municipal district and it is very cerrtain that these names were given to the places in OPntario by people who originated in those named areas here in Ireland. I have been with people from the PEI and Miramichi who have traced their ancestors to North Monaghan but have yet to be with anyone from Peterborough whp can traced their lineage to a particular area of Monaghan. That is not to say that it has not happened - I just have not witnessed it. Sooner rather than later someone will make a close match and link and I look forward to being there. Thankfully Monaghan Councillors are conscious of the benefits that can come from closer bonds between the two areas and are proactive in developing the links. This week another tour company arrived with a bus load of people from Peterborough and stayed overnight in the Four Seasons Hotel. They visited, among other places, Peadar Morgans Wildlife Facility in Clontibret and they enjoyed a dinner and entertainment in Sliabh Beagh Hotel. I caught up with them as they were leaving the Four Seasons Hotel and all of them were in great form and were delighted with their time in Monaghan. Unfortunately I was unable to accompany them to Sliabh Beagh as the news came too late for me but I know that John Moyna and team would make them very welcome and treat them lavishly. WE wish the visitors a very enjoyable holiday in Ireland and a safe journey home afterwards. Hopefully they will have wonderfl stories to tell to their friends and that further tours will come this way and that the link can be developed further and stronger.