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Prince Edward Island Visitors in September

Through this site Carol Anne Duffy contacted me to say they were coming to Ireland would would like to visit Emyvale and see the Prince Edward Island sites connected with the emigration from this area to Prince Edward Island. Carol Anne is daughter of Anna and Charlie Duffy, Fort Augustus, PEI, and they have visited this area on at least two occasions, when I met with them. They also met with Paula and Edelle when they were in PEI, Paula with the Musical/Dance Group from Emyvale which visited the Island in 1990 and Edelle, when she visited PEI in September 2014. Carol Anne with husband Alan and their friends Mary Hughes Power and her husband Mervin decided to spend two days in Monaghan and I offered to give them a guided tour on Monday September 19th. We visited St. patrick's Corracrin, where Canon Moynagh's tomb is and where there is such a resemblance with the headstones of Prince Edward Island as the same surnames keep cropping up. We also paid a visit to the grave of Willie McKenna at Ballyoisin and arrived at the home of Josie McCusker after passing the maple tree planted by the then Premier of PEI, now deceased, Joseph Ghiz, when he was one of the first PEI officials to visit Emyvale Ireland and Kelly's Cross in 1990. It had a particular relevance for Mary as her daughter is friendly with a daughter of the late Joseph Ghiz. Josie has been to PEI and has many great friends there and she was delighted to have Carol Anne and friends pay her a visit. We then went to Mullan village and they were given a brief history of this unique and historic place. While there they were given a tour of the Busy Bee Ceramics. We went to Ballagh Bridge and we talked about the years of the troubles and what it meant to the people on both sides of the divide. It was back then to Emyvale and some historic tales of the village, old and new, and on to Tully and a brief outline of the McKenna history. Emy Lake and its place in the history and economics of the area and now with its beautiful walkway was impressive and we travelled to Glaslough and again its history and beauty was captivating. We took a lovely break in the Loft Coffee shop before going down to Castle Leslie and having a walk through the Castle and its gardens. Old Donagh Graveyard with its Donagh Cross and McKenna grave and Church ruins engendered a feeling of connection for the visitors and it was an appropriate place to finish the main part of our tour. I then suggested some things they might do and places to visit next day before we parted company. I must say that I enjoyed their visit and was delighted to be able to make the place come alive for them in so far as it has such a close connection with their native area in Prince Edward Island. The following email came to me from Carol Anne when she arrived back in PEI: We have returned to Prince Edward Island and I want to say a sincere thanks to you for taking the time to show us Monaghan, Emyvale and Kelly's Cross. It was so good to have someone like you who knows the area and the history to spend time with us. Seeing the historical sites like the gravesite of Patrick Moynagh and the Old Donagh church and graveyard makes the connection to County Monaghan so much more real. Meeting some of the local people, like Josie, was very enjoyable and very kind of her to welcome us in to her home. We had a wonderful time in Ireland, but Monaghan is a special place. Thanks so much for treating us so well. We sincerely appreciated your time.